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Hi, I am Andrey, the CEO

Before coming to us, our customers suffered from poor quality of service, lack of transparency and unreliable communication. As a result, they experienced problems to effectively manage service providers. Despite a large number of service providers on the market, many companies constantly face these problems, giving us the opportunity to make the world better through software development.
We are aimed at trustful and win-win partnership.

Andrey – the CEO


Full Cycle Development

This is a cornerstone of a traditional software development partnership. We sign NDAs, you define your product requirements, and we build the software: quickly, in the given budget, with exceptional quality. 

That is, we validate ideas early on fully fleshed-out prototypes, even before a single line of production code was written. By doing so, we let the product meet the focus groups faster, validate UX tests as early as possible, adjust the product correspondingly in zero time, and prevent extra work.

Maintenance and Support

DataSakura's dedicated specialists are here to take over active management and optimization of your existing projects.

If your team has been struggling with motivation and creativity, and you're looking for an outsourced studio who is adequately experienced, transparent and trustworthy, that search ends here. Reduce your development costs — without the loss in quality — and enjoy step-by-step development acceleration for your project.

Software Development

C/C++, Java/Kotlin, C#,
Python, Javascript
Mobile Applications

Infrastructure / DevOps


Game Development

Unity Engine

Unreal Engine




Game Design

3D/2D Art






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