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External Developer’s Transparency

All the external relations are measured with the help of external transparency. Speaking about developers, they show their transparent approach to customers with the help of regular feedback, contacts, and reporting.

The more your company (developers’ team, etc.) is open with the communities and other third parties related to the development process (including end users and players of the game that will be released), the higher transparency rates can be expected.

All the stakeholders and participants of the game-related communities with the help of the external developer’s transparency make the project open to public scrutiny. Today, it is too risky to select the strategy of lacking transparency in business. The present-day markets prefer those who are ready to be upfront with investors, partners, and other participants of the development cycles in the gaming industry through the pipeline.

Why Does External Developer’s

Transparency Matter?

Your high-level external developer’s transparency is about mounting extraordinary evidence you are ready to share with everybody interested in the process. The only drawback of the open-public approach in game development is the category of customers who will not be satisfied with the improvements and new series you are going to launch. Nevertheless, this is the only weak spot that is compensated with healthy hype, increased attention of your audience, and high-profit sales.

But remember that the high-level external transparency in the context of developers is about exceptional accountability and publicly-entrusted environments. Additionally, if you are open with your audience, you do not want to hide any bugs and imperfections of the gaming product from your potential players. The best-matching external transparency for developers is:

Storytelling properties when your audience gets some insights about sequels and other updates that warm up the players’ attention.

Streams and forum discussions that are arranged to get users’ feedback after trials and promotions.

Using Kickstarter, Twitch, and other platforms for more communication with the public.

Video explanations and posts on social media about new features, heroes, and changes in the game to expect.

Do not forget about branding opportunities with transparent marketing strategies like available roadmaps for communities and the hottest insights for interested people close to the development process. The attention to your gaming product will be on the highest level if you will have small secrets and details to unveil in the near future.


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