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Porting Your Game to HTML 5

The ever-changing gaming industry presents more and more solutions to cope with the most common challenges of developers. These issues are about poor flexibility and lacking tech specifications of games when it comes to platforms, browsers, and other backgrounds. The 100% ubiquity can be provided to the gaming industry through HTML5.

The Main Benefits of Porting Your Game to HTML5

It is possible to port your existing game to HTML5 to explore new horizons and stay pleased with new opportunities in the tech world. For example, your gaming product can be easily played on various devices and browsed on any platform your audience prefers. It means that most limitations are erased by porting your game to HTML5.

As can be seen, porting your game to HTML5 is about the ubiquity. Just imagine that your audience can be enlarged through players on Windows, Linux, PlayStation, Wii, Android, etc. Both desktop devices, any type of browser, and pocket screens are going to be compatible with your HTML 5-friendly game.

How to Port Your Game to HTML 5?

It is better to opt for the assistance of competent experts. Confide this task with skillful and experienced developers who can port your game fast and risk-free. If you want to try this algorithm yourself, it is better to explore various hacks and tips from qualified specialists in this area. Let’s take a closer look at one of the ways to port your game to HTML 5:

  1. Pick sides with the relevant framework. Use Electron.js or NW.js for this purpose.

  2. Install Visual Studio to go further. Use steam SDK if you would like to add streaming options for your game.

  3. Check that all tools in Visual Studio are installed including MSMs for Python Development, C++, and other packages.

  4. The installation of the Electron with its setting up procedures takes place then. Use game coding skills to cope with these tasks.

  5. Implement Steam SDK by installing greenworks with the following specifications (install –save –ignore-scripts git+

  6. While the latest Steam SDK is downloaded, it is time to copy SDK files to node modules with the greenworks. Rename the SDK folder to get this one - steamworks.sdk

Finally, do not forget about the Electron-rebuild package through the special-purpose npm. Run it through the following command to complete porting (node_modules/.bin/electron-rebuild). It is worth noting that for these tasks you need high-level coding skills and a deep understanding of all the concepts for porting. This algorithm will be helpful for experienced developers but not for amateurs.


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