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About LiveOps

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

The modern IT sector is ever-changing. Almost every day some new approaches hit the market of software and app development. Mobile gaming has also transformed significantly in comparison with previous decades. One of the approaches that are on-trend today is LiveOps. Live Operations are about constant updates and improvements of the game without its regular releases.

A new version of the gaming digital product does not take place. Users are engaged in endless adventures through levels, missions, episodes, and other in-game events. LiveOps allows game developers to monetize their products directly via content they provide customers with. Additionally, this is some kind of a huge community where devs are able to communicate with players without intermediaries like advertisers, merchandisers, and other retail representatives.

Why Does LiveOps Matter?

The idea is that the game can be altered at any time the development team decides to do it. One more necessary thing relates to the content. It should be delivered to users regularly to refresh their interest in the digital product. This way any marketing expenses are cut down significantly.

Among other benefits of LiveOps to take into consideration are:

  • Scalability of games;

  • Longer shelf life;

  • Regular improvements in the context of mechanics;

  • Constant engagement of users to the events;

  • High-level customization properties;

  • Tailor gaming experience.

It is worth noting that the development team gets feedback from players 24/7. This way more and more positive changes can be applied in the context of your content. For LiveOps implementation, it is necessary to consider several critically important aspects. For example, start with new features that can improve the gaming experience. Then, think of exclusive content that will spice up your game.

Additionally, create some live events with limited time to pass various missions. Users should know that they have a day or a week to complete the task and get rewards. Practice arrangements of events with available bundles for the VIP status or purchases in the game.

Do not forget about your audience segmentation and competitions, sales, or other occasions for players from specific locations. Or invitation for events and discounts can get people of one age or VIP status only.

To sum up, LiveOps is the future of mobile gaming and the whole gaming industry in general. Live Operations bring players hunger for more and more content, events, discounts, bundles, and other new options. Add more levels, live contests, and in-app purchases not to let users be bored.


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