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Why Get Game Maintenance?

Each gaming product is developed through the same algorithm. But if you think that the final stage of the creation of the video game or gaming app is its release, you are wrong. There are many testing sessions in the post-release phase together with game maintenance that lasts during the full cycle of product development.

Post-release testing and maintenance are critically important for the quality of the gaming product together with its promotion rates and popularity on the market. The perfect tech background depends on regular checkups of competent specialists. But why is it reasonable to delegate this task to third parties?

What Are the Main Reasons to Get

Game Maintenance?

ome clients of gaming developers still wonder – why get game maintenance? It is worth noting that the gaming industry is ever-changing. That is why any updates, upgrades, and improvements can take place only after a high-grade testing session and maintenance according to the schedule for regular optimizations.

How to Choose Devs for Game Maintenance?

First of all, developers and designers can avoid heavy loads while sharing responsibilities with the one who will undertake quality maintenance of the gaming product.

Attract the third-party devs for this purpose who will allow you to opt for:

  • Deep understanding of new solutions and techniques for the digital product you have released.

  • Experiments with the target audiences and marketing campaigns (launches of contests and discounts only for some audience segments like players of one age group, of one geo-location, the same interests, etc.).

  • On-time detection of some bugs and other technical imperfections in coding and general performance of the game.

  • The opportunity to undertake helpful corrections even in the post-release stage of the gaming product.

If you delegate these duties to the qualified squad of devs, the risk to miss any issues is decreased to the minimum. 24/7 monitoring takes place without dispersing among chores is guaranteed in such a case.

To Sum Up

The maintenance phase lasts almost during the full cycle of the gaming product development. While the game has been released, it is necessary to undertake testing sessions and post-release maintenance including the creation of patches, bonus systems, special offers, fixing bugs, developing brand-new content and DLC-friendly strategies (for downloadable content tactics), etc.

The maintenance service provided by developers you hire is about the timely identification of tech weak spots, searching for new ideas, and opportunities for post-release improvements. Your team will be able to work on new projects while the released game can be maintained by our skillful experts. We make a specialty out of RPGs, RTSs, and other game maintenance.


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