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Full-Cycle Game Development – What Should You Know About It?

As the gaming industry is ever-growing for the last several years, game development services are in high demand. A skillful team works fruitfully to provide the desired end-product that will become popular and well-monetized.

The full-cycle game development includes a wide range of services to take into account. But first, it is worth mentioning all the stages when it comes to developing the gaming digital product from scratch and up to its launch.

What Goes with the Full-Cycle Game Development Backstage?

Clients seldom dive into the peculiarities of the development phases. So, the backstage of the game developer is always about the main 6 stages:

  1. Game planning – the project appears with the brief, audience analysis, and determination of the main specification (the platform to choose, coding properties, etc.).

  2. Pre-production – storytelling together with early prototyping takes place here. Additionally, the dedicated team can focus on tech issues and scheduling in the second phase.

  3. Production – almost all the key game development services progress at this stage including designing, modeling, production of the graphics, sounds, physical items, etc.

  4. Testing – developers identify any bugs, test all the game features, and improve some challenging moments from the tech and performance sides in general.

  5. Pre-launch – first releases and other marketing tricks are realized here. Some advertising channels can be used for more audience reach.

  6. Launch – a master release that goes after the last bug detection and correction. After each launch, post-production routines start.

Almost each full-cycle game development has the same skeleton, with these 6 stages. They are a must-have for well-managed workflows. Nevertheless, the range of services can vary from one team to another. It depends on specialists’ skills and areas of competence.

What Services Are Included in Full-Cycle Game Development?

While following all the above-listed phases of full-cycle game development, the essential service for the very beginning is the delivery of the concept of the future digital product. According to the main idea of the game, scenarios, balance mapping, and the game design document (GDD) are created.

Then, designing and programming services are required. They can contain Unity 3D and Unreal Engine programming, cross-platform game development, server architecture & administration, and 2D art designing. Additionally, do not forget about 3D modeling and UI design that will make the digital product exceptional.

For these and other stages, the following services will come in handy as well:

  • QA

  • UI & UX;

  • Animation;

  • Project management (including community management);

  • Sound design;

  • Localization;

It is also possible to order monetization services for full-cycle game development, but usually user acquisition stands aside from game development services. This way, you can be sure that the product you launch will bring high-profit margins. Remember that full-cycle game development is all about a turnkey approach with 100% responsibility of the developers over the project.


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