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Game Dev Technologies in Other Industries

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Digitization and automation forced the implementation of game dev technologies in other industries. Gaming has been staying on-trend for a long time. Many people prefer to have a good time while playing arcades, shooters, and other games. But gaming is not only about great graphics, a user-friendly interface, and other perks we can experience. This is a symbiosis of the latest technologies that make a difference when it comes to other industries as well.

Among the most in-demand game dev tech approaches that other businesses use are augmented and virtual reality, motion and gesture control, 3D graphics, etc. Let’s take a closer look at cases and possible ways to implement this or that technology in different industries.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

AR and VR are win-win solutions for many digital-friendly sectors. Retail businesses together with the healthcare industry, automotive corporations, and global manufacturers apply augmented and virtual reality for better performance and simulation of various processes.

For example, VR and AR are applied for risk management in building, testing driving programs, etc. It is possible to model any situation and get the range of possible results without a crush test or any other physical contact. The same story is about science and research. Numerous experiments and investigations take place via algorithms based on VR and AR.

We successfully accomplished projects such as VIRTUAL MARKETPLACE Mobile app, where we've built and inhabited a live futuristic street with buildings, traffic, pedestrians and changing time of day for an immersive shopping metaverse.

Motion and Gesture Control

Manufacturers of self-driving vehicles and products for people with disabilities use this game dev technology for better performance of their production. It is possible to set physical moves, activities, posture changes and gestures to understand the way something will act in reality.

We participated in innovative startup HYPR building an autonomous driving system. DataSakura was happy to be involved in delivery of cloud infrastructure for the model learning environment, vehicle remote inspection, analysis services, and others.

3D Graphics

A new era of designing and project planning is right here and now. Engineers, architects, designers, and other narrow-direction specialists together with game developers explore all the features of 3D graphics to represent more realistic. The project, report, or any plan of the building will be performed in the digital voluminous form with zero details missed.

Other areas where this technology can be applied are:

- Developing graphical prototypes of tools, equipment, etc.

- Art and science for realistic pictures of any object;

- Healthcare sector for high-level diagnostics (3D results of examinations).

We developed immersive experience in real-time 3D in our projects like Virtual room tour App and Real-time MRI scans visualization. We achieved incredible results using powerful game engines for new sort of tasks.

These and other game dev technologies are worth the attention of present-day market players. With the help of digital tools based on AR, VR, 3D graphics, and motion control, it is possible to automate manufacturing processes, improve research and analytical backgrounds, and speed up other operations required for your business.


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