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Some facts about DataSakura

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

We are a full-cycle software and game development company. Our portfolio includes famous games like Cut The Rope, Fruit Ninja, Jetpack Joyride, King Of Thieves, C.A.T.S., and various software development projects such as Unity and Unreal Engine Visualizations, mobile applications, and high load back-end systems.

DataSakura can deliver full-cycle game development, maintenance, porting, and prototyping services and a variety of software development projects.

DataSakura started in 2018. Over four years we grew from a small team of friends to a company of more than 30 employees.

DataSakura is engaged in outsourcing game development for large studios - the company collaborated with ZeptoLab, Halfbrick, etc.


Cut the Rope, a Zeptolab's game (over 100 million downloads). DataSakura's team has been involved in the project development since 2018. The team released content updates of the game and configured the project CI/CD pipeline to reduce the development costs and time.

Since 2019 a team of developers, artists, QA testers, and game designers has spent over 12,500 hours on the Jetpack Joyride game by Halfbrick Studios. Post-launch content like the Metal Slug and Star Trek expansions were created by our team, as well as countless major and minor updates.

Fruit ninja is arguably the most famous mobile game in the world. Since 2020 DataSakura has managed to refactor the game engine and increase the game performance by more than twice. DataSakura's team participated in the game porting to Unity, adding multiplayer support.

In 2021 DataSakura released several major updates for the Evo Pop game, implemented new exciting mechanics, added new Evo's, and updated an analytic system.


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